Alex Bardi

Ellen has worked with my executive management team since October 2007. We began with strategic planning during a 2 day off site session which identified our Core Values, Core Pupose, and Mission… the foundation of Bardi’s strategic plan. The process that Ellen uses revealed the common threads within our executive team with remarkable ease. After the two day session, I was amazed at how much we accomplished and how much she had extracted from the group. She then introduced the “Rockefeller Habits” and has coached the team on on how they drive results to reach our common goals. Ellen facilitates our quarterly one day off site meetings where we review our previous quarter’s initiatives and set new strategic issues for the organization. Another key component that has impressed me about Ellen’s business coaching is how the Bardi executive team has developed into a cohesive leadership team. One of the key tools that she uses is the material in Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team material. Her tactical approach to leadership development has made a difference. Alignment throughout my company from top to bottom is a result of the many tools that Ellen uses and has taught our team to utilize. My company is getting the maximum benefit from her processes. It is a pleasure to have business association with Ellen Bryson.

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