I’ve helped my clients grow their businesses and become more profitable in various ways.

I have assisted clients in gaining knowledge, leveraging resources so that they can identify and remove the barriers that are preventing them from growing profitably. Some clients have tripled revenue in 5 years. Some clients have been able to grow from small businesses to solid mid-market companies in 3 to 5 years.

I’ve helped leadership teams gain clarity and focus on what is most important for the health and profitability of the organization. Help them develop the necessary disciplines to execute strategy for results. Help teams learn to focus on the important few, utilize meetings to work and not report, and measure what drives their business.

My work has enabled leadership teams to learn to be cohesive and collaborative. Help them learn to put the needs of the organization ahead of their departmental and personal needs so that they are always focused on what is best for the health and wellbeing of the organization.

I have assisted entrepreneurs in gaining an understanding of the negative effects of owner dependence on business valuations and the sales process. It’s important for knowledge to be captured in written processes and procedures, infrastructure, systems, and leadership to be appropriate for the company’s developmental stage in their growth, adequately trained, knowledgeable staff in place, etc. A business’ reliance on the owner for the functioning of day-to-day operations can be detrimental to the valuation of a small business if the owner is wanting to sell and walk away, and has all of the knowledge in his/her head.

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