When working with Bryson Trails we focus on your business and gaining the knowledge and resources to keep you growing for results that last.

Ellen and two clients speaking about barriers to growthFollowing are some of the results my clients have achieved working with Bryson Trails:

  • Clients have gained knowledge, leveraged resources in order to identify and remove the barriers that have prevented them from growing profitably. Some clients have tripled revenue in 5 years. Some clients have been able to grow from small businesses to solid mid-market companies with revenues over $30M in 3 to 5 years. These companies previously struggled to get above $10M.
  • One clients grew his organization from $7M to $23M in a little over two years and was able to sell his company for $23M in cash. We developed a five-year plan, but two and a half years into our work together the Company popped up on the Inc. 1000, and was acquired by a public company.
  • Clients learn unique ways to position themselves locally, regionally, and nationally to raise awareness when they were looking to sell their companies, or attract higher caliber employees.
  • Entrepreneurs have gained an understanding of the negative effects of owner dependence on business valuations and the sales process. A business’ reliance on the owner for functioning of day-to-day operations can be detrimental to the valuation of a small business if the owner is wanting to sell and walk away, and has all of the knowledge in his/her head. I worked with an entrepreneurial CEO to grow his lifestyle business into a solid mid-market company that was later sold to two employees.

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